F&M Law Firm, P.S.C., d/b/a Fenton Law Firm, PSC, was founded in 2014 as Fenton & McGarvey Law Firm, P.S.C., in Louisville, Kentucky, by Thomas C. Fenton and John T. McGarvey. Fenton Law Firm was created to assume the long established creditors’ rights and consumer debt collection practice of Morgan & Pottinger, P.S.C. To further the growth and evolution of this collections practice, and considering rapid external changes in the industry, it was decided to transfer the collections practice from Morgan & Pottinger to a new and independent law firm, resulting in the creation of Fenton & McGarvey Law Firm.

Fenton Law Firm is dedicated to the rights of its creditor clients, including commercial and consumer debt collection. Fenton Law Firm participates in state and nationwide creditor’s bar associations in order to educate, promote, and advance creditors’ rights law. Fenton Law Firm strives to protect the interests of its clients, to maintain robust compliance policies and procedures, and to treat all consumers fairly and with respect.

Fenton Law Firm actively practices in Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New Jersey, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Attorney State
Thomas C. Fenton KY
David M. Wright IN
Stephen J. Lerch IN
Paul E. McLemore TN
E. Jenelle Coulter IN, KY, WV
Tim F. Mann (of counsel) KY
Bryan H. Hayes (of counsel) IA, KY
Kimberly F. Scian (of counsel) PA
John V. Kalantzis (of counsel) IL
Rodney Douglas Goldin Jr. (of counsel) GA